All The Valentines Breakfast Ideas You Need To Start The Day Right

From breakfast in bed to stunningly set tables we’ve got all the ideas and inspo you’ll need for creating a beautiful valentines inspired breakfast.

A valentines breakfast doesn’t have to be for a partner, you can create it for your kids, your friends or even for yourself, you deserve it!

You can adapt your favourite breakfast and turn it into something special without too much effort. For example a fried egg can be shaped into a heart by using a heart shaped cookie cutter or mould to fry it in, alternatively use the cutter to carefully cut out the heart after frying.

A heart shaped cutter in various sized can also be used to cut hearts out of pancakes, waffles, fruit and more!

Try adding pink and red sprinkles ontop of yogurt to give it a cute valentine twist

Cut hearts out of strawberries and poke a tooth pick through, add a couple of mini marshmallows to one end of the toothpick and a triangle made of fruit to the other. You should have something that looks like a heart with an arrow through it, like cupid himself has come for breakfast.

If you have access to a printer, print and cut out some hearts with cute quotes in the middle, attach to tooth picks and use to stick in food such as pancakes or pastries for added cuteness.

If you’re setting the table as opposed to breakfast in bed then gather all the red or pink items you can find, tablecloth, plates, cups, decorations etc. Do you have any red fairy lights from Christmas? If so put them on! It’s all about the detail as well as the food.

Here are my absolute favourite valentines breakfast ideas from Instagram, I’ve tagged the account to give photo credit so please be sure to check out their pages for more stunning inspo.

I hope you’ve found plenty of ideas and inspo for creating your perfect valentines theme breakfast

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