14 Instagram Wellness Accounts To Follow Right Now 2021

These 14 wellness accounts will help you on your journey to becoming the best version of you, physically and mentally, for instance, helping you to find ways to reduce stress and fatigue to keeping you motivated, organized and learn to love yourself.

First we have The_Selfaholic. At the time of writing this post the bio of this insta account read ‘Be the woman you’re meant to be. Love yourself, feel your best, look your best, live your best’

Lara is a life coach who helps people find the motivation to reach their goals. She also gives advice on how to fall in love with yourself and shares her journey of how she achieved this.


Second we have Journey_To_Wellness_

At the time of writing this post the bio reads ‘Illustrator, Counsellor & Published Author’

This account is filled with fun colorful illustrations with advice on how to cope with a range of metal struggles. From anxiety and depression to dealing with grief and other major life changes.

I think it’s also great for people that often feel overwhelmed with life and endless to do lists.


Wholisticallyhannah_ bio at the time of writing reads ‘Hormone health, herbalism, intuitive nourishment, holistic living’

With amazing plant based meal inspiration this account will inspire you to connect with nature. Hannah also encourages people to listen their bodies and take time to rest in order to have a balanced life style. Therefore this account is definitely one to follow if you’re wanting to incorporate more plant based meals into your diet.


Mama_Flawsome at the time of writing the bio reads ‘holistic wellness coach, body positive, feminine energy’

This account is all about changing your mindset and celebrating what you once classed as flaws, such as seeing the positive in the little things and not allowing other peoples negative opinions to weigh you down.


Monique__smith__ is a body positive wellness coach who’s bio reads ‘I run online groups to help women love their bodies and prioritize self care’

This Instagram page will help you to change your mindset and ditch the restrictive diets and bad habits. It will help you to improve your health both mentally and physically.


LauraxMurillo is a mindset and life coach who’s bio reads ‘Helping ambitious women overcome mindset blocks & claim their next level of success’

This account is filled with fun Instagram Reels, positive images and motivational quotes. If 2021 is the year you’re manifesting exactly what you from life then this is the one to follow.


Herincrediblemindset is a simple but inspiring, motivating and empowering page. It’s filled with positive quotes to keep you focused and your mind in the right place.


EricaJadeHealth Instagram bio at the time of writing reads ‘Transformation Coach, Holistic Health Coach, NASM CPT, NFL Cheerleader. Her account is filled with tips on eating to nourish your body and ditching a strict calorie diet. Quick tricks to recharge and change your mindset.


The Holistic Psychologist bio reads ‘I teach you to heal and consciously create a new version of yourself’ This account will help you work through trauma and use techniques to to help you health and flourish emotionally and mentally.


Holistic Living Peg bio reads ‘I help conscious babes go from trapped 9-5 to a freedom life’ Follow her amazing journey on how she went from a corporate role in the UK to living the Island life full time in Bali.


Clutter Healing bio reads Holistic Home Organizing, Transforming Your Home And Your Heart. Certified Breath-work Healer. This amazing account focuses on keeping your home in order to create a calmer living space. The idea is that a cluttered home can sometimes lead to a cluttered mind.


Emma Blonde Voyage Bio at the time of writing reads ‘Healing From Chronic Illness
Wellbeing Tips. Lyme. MECFS. Fibro. POTS. EDS. IBS Living A Natural Low Toxin Lifestyle’ Emma lets us follow her on her road to healing and shares what works for her.


Plantiful Taste bio at the time reads cert. plantbased nutritionist & herbalist,
DIY skincare, horticulture, eco-living & good vibes. The Instagram account focuses on just that, sharing recipes for plant based meals and DIY skincare.


Georgie Clarke bio reads ‘All things fashion & self love’ Georgie Clarke is a model that was trolled online when she ‘put on a couple of pounds’ Now she posts side by side pictures showing just how different poses and lighting can dramatically change how you look. Definitely worth a follow.


I hope you have plenty of ideas and inspo from this post and I wish you well in 2021

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