Amazing Girls Shared Bedroom Ideas And Inspo

Do you have two girls and don’t have the space to give them a bedroom each or maybe they just prefer to share?

Sharing a bedroom can be fun and made ever better when the decor is super dreamy

I’ve put together some great girls (or boys) shared bedroom ideas that look absolutely stunning.

Whether you have a large room or a smaller space to work with you’ll be sure to find some ideas here. Your children or tweens will definitely love these bedrooms!


I absolutely adore this shared headboard idea, it add a gorgeous feature to the room and brings all the decor together.


A quirky headboard like this can also have the same effect and create an eye catching feature


Bunk Beds

If you have a smaller bedroom to design then bunk beds can really save a lot of space. Here are my favourite rooms that feature bunk beds


Matching Decor

I love the uniform look of these rooms, it creates a structured vibe and doesn’t look cluttered.


Dare To Go Bold

A feature wall gives a more grown up feel to a bedroom which makes it perfect for tweens / teens that are sharing a room.


Top To Toe Beds

There’s no rule around the bed placement, if top to toe works better in the room than side by side, go for it. I particularly like this idea here.


I hope you’ve got plenty of ideas and inspo for giving your girls (or boys) the most amazing shared room ever!

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