The Best Christmas Eve Box Ideas And Inspo

A Christmas eve box is a tradition whereby a box of Christmas themed goodies is given to children or adults on the 24th of December. Sometimes the items selected are to help children wind down on the eve before the Christmas chaos begins, like cosy pyjamas and a festive movie.

Lets have a look at some brilliant Christmas eve box ideas and the items inside. I’ve tagged the Instagram accounts where I found these fantastic boxes so be sure to give them a follow for some amazing ideas.

A Christmas Story Book The first item that I think is a lovely one to include is a book. Settling your child down at night and reading a Christmas story is such a magical experience.

Activity / Coloring book This keeps the kids busy and might help them to wind down if they’re over excited. I also love the idea of Christmas themed crayons (you can make these yourself by putting broken crayons into a silicone mold and melting them in the oven. Once melted take out to cool and solidify)


Candle This is an ideal item to put in an adult or teens Christmas eve box, especially if the scent reminds you of the festive season.


Christmas Mug Make it even more special by adding a little hot chocolate kit with marshmallows, a hot chocolate stirrer and candy cane.


Santa Key If you don’t have a chimney then don’t forget a magic key to leave for Santa


Candy Load up the box with lots of yummy Christmas themed treats to eat while watching a festive movie.


Reindeer Food Don’t forget to leave some food out for Rudolf and his buddies. Please make sure its safe for other wildlife too if you’re emptying it outside.


Sleep Mask This is a great idea so there’s no trying to sneak a peak of Santa


Pamper Kit Face masks and bath bombs are great items to include to help older kids wind down and relax Christmas eve.


Santa Plate A plate to leave outside with goodies for Santa and the reindeer. You could include a blank plate and some pens so children can design their own.


‘Believe’ Bell Include a bell that makes a sound only if children truly believe in Santa


Sensory items These items are ideal to include babies or children with special needs in the Christmas eve box tradition.


Christmas Pyjamas Last but not least is Christmas pjs. Extra points if all the family are wearing matching ones!


I hope you’ve got some ideas from this Christmas eve box inspiration

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