Amazing Christmas Breakfast Ideas And Inspo

These Christmas breakfast ideas will get the festive season off to a flying start! Whether you want some ideas for your North Pole breakfast or for Christmas morning itself I’ve found the best inspiration from instagram

Make your breakfast festive themed no matter what type of breakfast you choose. Whether you like a sweet breakfast of pancakes and fruit or a savory of egg and avocado there’s something here for you. Please be sure to check out the amazing insta accounts I’ve tagged.

Kicking off with a simple fruit salad that’s been transformed into a Christmas tree. All you’ll need is some sliced kiwi and perfectly placed berries


Adding food coloring to waffles also make stunning Christmas trees. Add a chocolate trunk and sprinkes for decoration.


If you prefer a savory breakfast but love the Christmas tree idea then cut toast into triangles and spread with avocado. Pomegranate seeds make great decoration.


If you’re partial to a comforting bowl of porridge in morning then add some strawberry and banana slices in the shape of a candy cane, how cute!


Use christmas cookie cutters to cut out the middle of a pancake, place it on top of another covered in chocolate spread, add sprinkes and voilà… a simple but amazing Christmas breakfast


Do the same with toast but this time, add an egg and bake for this cute festive treat


A Christmas tree crumpet and a fried egg cut into a star make this savory breakfast extra special


Stack pancakes and add festive food picks or cocktail sticks for an impressive presentation


Add food coloring to pancakes and stack to make a Christmas tree


If you don’t want to stack your pancakes or prefer crêpes then you can layer them to create a beautiful Yuletide themed dish


If you don’t want to add food coloring to your pancakes try adding a layer of kiwi in between to give the same effect. Dont forgot the star on top!


I hope you’ve got plenty of ideas and inspo for creating the best Christmas breakfast ever

Merry Christmas

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