The Best Christmas Platters And Graze Board Ideas And Inspo

A graze board is usually a large serving platter loaded with sweet and savory treats. Think of it as a bit like a cheese board but no food is off limits when putting together one of these wonderful trays. Sweet and savory on the same platter? Absolutely!

Start with some sort of large board or plate. For example a chopping board, baking tray, or large piece of slate.

Use small bowls, ramekin dishes or things like cupcake molds for dips. You can even use cookie cutters to keep things like nuts and berries together on the board.

Remember people eat with their eyes so the more colorful and festive the better! I’ve found some amazing ideas and tagged the accounts below.

First of all is this stunning hot chocolate plate. This platter is made up of all things sweet!

What I particularly love is how they’ve put a festive twist on treats that don’t usually remind people of Christmas. The red and green sprinkles and the santa tongs accompanying the popcorn turns it into a festive delight


Christmas food picks and festive foliage can instantly upgrade a standard snack tray into a Yuletide feast


The use of cookie cutters and moulds can transform a graze board into a Christmas feast. Use a shaped cupcake mould as a dish, I adore this one in the shape of a Christmas tree. I also love the use of a cookie cutter for the cheese that’s then filled with pomegranate seeds or berries.


Don’t be afraid to load boards with wrapped chocolate, candy and cookies. Platters don’t have to be full to the brim with homemade snacks, you can get the same impressive results by using store bought goodies.


A color theme on a graze board can be super eye-catching. Base all the snacks around certain colors, maybe the traditional Christmas colors of red and green or go for something a bit different like pink. I adore the ideas below


If you’re a dab hand at baking then the world is your oyster when it comes to ideas of what to include. Here are some homemade treat ideas below


Don’t be afraid to pack your boards with both sweet and savory, don’t worry about foods touching and basically load it up! Add touches such as stars cut out of cheese (search veg cutters on amazon) words cut out of fruit, candy canes, berries and foliage. The more extravagant the better! See my favourite ideas below


I hope from this post you’ve got plenty of ideas and inspo how to make your own graze board, merry christmas!

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