Elf On The Shelf North Pole Breakfast Ideas And Inspo

If you’re familiar with elf on the shelf then you’ve probably heard of a North Pole breakfast. If not, then basically it’s a super festive go all out breakfast! Sometimes it’s set up to mark the arrival of the elf on the 1st of December, or should I say the elf brings the breakfast 😉

A North Pole breakfast is a special treat so candy, hot chocolate and donuts for breakfast? Why not!

The table setting and decorations will really bring the magic to life so collect all your festive plates, mugs and cutlery. Don’t worry if they don’t match, remember the elf has set this up so the more quirky and fun the better!

You might want to choose a theme, for example an elf theme with matching table cloth, cups etc. Or even a Christmas movie theme like Frozen or Polar Express.

If you’re just starting this Christmas tradition then I’ve found some great ideas below to help get you started and make it special. I’ve tagged the insta accounts so you can take a closer look at their wonderful ideas.


I hope you’ve got plenty of ideas and inspo to create the most magical North Pole elf breakfast!

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