15+ Halloween Cocktail And Spooky Drink Ideas And Inspo

Amaze your guests this Halloween with some seriously spooky Halloween themed cocktails and mocktails.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the perfect drinks for your Halloween party. The more ghastly looking the better!

Even a simple drink like soda water can be transformed by adding a few drops of food coloring. Try colors like green, red, orange or even black! Don’t go overboard with the food coloring otherwise you risk it staining your mouth and that’s never a good look, even on Halloween.

Try rimming the cocktail glass with Halloween colored sprinkles. To do this put your spinkles onto a shallow dish, rim the glass with water or lemon juice and dip into the sprinkles. If the sprinkles are too heavy and won’t stick then try honey instead of water.

You could use crushed up jolly rancher candies to rim the cocktail glass, this give the effect of broken glass.

The ‘Bloody Temple’ see more about this drink here @mrs.osterglam
The ‘Scary Berry’ see more about this drink here @beautifuleatsandthings
‘Cucumber Jalapeño Monster-Rita’ see more here @umekes
Vodka Soda by @monstergaard.manor
‘Hocus Pocus Potion Float’ see more about this cocktail @infinetaste
‘Dusk Til Dawn’ A 3 ingredients cocktail by @bestdayoftheweek_
‘Pumpkin Spice Margarita’ get recipe here @freutcake
‘Witches Brew’ by @itslittlelauren
‘Black Lemonade’ see more here @spookylittlehalloween
‘The Poison Frog’ by @soufflebombay
Halloween Hot Chocolates by @blissfully_the_bensons
Raspberry & Blood Orange non alcoholic cocktail by @frokenturkos
Hungarian Horntail Harry Potter cocktail by @phenomenalphoods
Halloween Pumpkin drink by @amagin.de
‘Pumpkins Margarita’ get the recipe here @six8bartend

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