Awesome Ice cream bar | Kids Party Ideas & Inspo

Are you planning an awesome ice cream themed birthday party? If so you’ve come to the right place.

Most kids love ice cream so you can’t go wrong with an ice cream themed birthday party.

Once you’ve got the main thing, ice cream of course, then you can go as wild as you want with the rest! From decorations, party favors, toppings and more.

Here are some of my favourite ice cream party ideas and inspo that I found

I adore this simple idea of placing jars of toppings on a bed of sprinkles! That extra bit of effort makes it super fun.


Heres some other ideas for arranging toppings


Create a giant ice cream using parcel paper and paper plates, so easy but effective.


Want to serve something other than ice cream? What about ice cream theme desserts


Here’s some stunning table decor and cake inspo


Use balloons to create ice cream themed decor. I love the ideas below


Top it off with party favors. These ice lolly treat boxes are perfect


Or these cotton candy topped cones


I hope you’ve got some brilliant ideas and inspo to create the ultimate ice cream themed birthday party

Have fun!

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