Kids Toy Story Themed Bedroom Ideas And Inspo

I’ve put together some brilliant Toy Story bedroom ideas that any Toy Story fanatic will fall in love with!

The amazing thing about a Toy Story bedroom is you can achieve the look on a small budget.

First of all you’ll need to create a cloud wall as seen in Andy’s bedroom in the movie. You could use wallpaper or a stencil. To make your own stencil download and print a image of a cloud, cut out and stick to the wall with tape. You’re then able to sponge on paint to create the perfect cloud design.

Add Toy Story themed items such as a duvet, prints for the wall and a rug. If your child has some figures or dolls from the movie you could display them so they’re part of the decor.

Add special little touches like toy soilders hanging from the ceiling to really make the room come alive.

A cowboy hat, faux cow hide and toy box are also fantastic extras

Here are some amazing ideas I found on Instagram. I’ve tagged the accounts so you can take a closer look at their wonderful creations.


I hope you’ve found some brilliant ideas and inspo to create the perfect Toy Story bedroom!

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