Fantastic Black Light UV Glow Party Ideas For Kids

Get ready to glow crazy with these amazing kids glow party ideas. All you need to get your glow party started is a dim room, a black light (uv) and plenty of glow in the dark and neon accessories!

Here are some of my favourite ideas from Instagram (I’ve tagged the accounts so you can take a closer look)

I love this idea of glowing slinky’s hanging from the ceiling and used as party decorations!


Also the flowers that glow under the UV light look incredible and such a unique touch to a glow party


Glowing food! Who knew there was such a thing as frosting that glows! These cakes and donuts really give a party the wow factor


Add glow balloons and UV tape for cheap but incredible decorations, they really bring a party to life!



Glow slumber parties are also massive hit with kids! Check out these amazing glow sleepover ideas


I hope from this post you’ve got some fantastic ideas to make your childs glow party the best party ever!

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