Sensory Play Ideas Using The IKEA Flisat Table

Here are the latest Ikea Flisat play tray ideas I found on Instagram. These incredible sensory tray ideas will have your littles ones engaged for hours.

These activities are not only interesting and fun but they’ll also allow your child to explore, investigate and create. They encourage the use of fine motor skills, language development, problem solving skills and cognitive growth.

You can create sensory activities to stimulate touch, smell, movement, sight and hearing.

Sensory play activities don’t have to be expensive to set up. Use things such as coloured rice, chickpeas, sand, mud, water or stones as the base. You could create a theme like the ones I found below and just throw a load of different textures and colours items (like pom poms) into the tray with some pots and pans and let your childs imagination run wild.

If you’re thinking ‘what can I use the flisat for’ and wanting some inspiration for a themed set up then here are my favourites from Instagram. I’ve tagged the account so you can take a closer look.

Ocean themed using coloured rice, pebbles, sequins, pom poms and underwear figures.


Flisat temporarily turned into a light box for some amazing sensory play. I’ve tagged the account so you can see how this was done.


Water beads, pebbles, wood slices, figures and scoops makes this fantastic flsat set up.


Let your little one practice planting flowers with this stunning sensory activity.


One of my favourites is this mermaid themed play tray using sand, rice, playdough, plants, shells, pebbles and figures.

Another one of my favourites is this rescue sensory activity using coloured rice, plants, pinecones, rocks, sticks and figures.


This cute unicorn themed sensory play tray uses obleck, cups, spoons and figures.


I adore this ‘clean up’ activity. This sensory tray is not only fun and engaging but helps them to learn about the environment.


This ‘frog bog’ set up uses things like leaves, stones, figures, glass beads, nets and a magnify class


A stunning nature themed play tray using things like leaves, string, pretend bugs, dirt and stones


A gorgeous camping inspired set up using pinecones, dirt, pebbles, foliage, twigs and bear figures

A pouring and squeezing activity using sponges, coloured water and lots of bottles and beakers


And last but not least this super fun set up using sand, peoples, figures, pasta, beads and magnets. There’s hours and fun to be had!


I hope this post has given you lots of ideas and inspo about what to put in the flisat play table

Have fun!

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