The Best DIY Halloween Decor & Props When You’re On A Budget

I found some amazing homemade Halloween decor on Instagram!

Halloween decor doesn’t have to cost a fortune when you DIY. It’s never too early to start crafting your Halloween props and save yourself some money while still having the most amazing and unique decorations. There are no limits to what you can create, let your imagination run wild!

Repurpose old beer bottles by giving them a lick of paint and turning them into spooky candle holders.


Take some cheap acrylic paint to an old doll and transform it into a creepy statue.


Adding a balloon wall to a cauldron gives the effect of hocus pocus bubbles


Transform an old wooden pallet by adding fake blood, chains and some tape.


Stick together two plastic laundry bins to create a ‘cage’ add fake chains and a skeleton and you’ve got yourself a terrifying Halloween prop!


A carved pumpkin can be turned into a gruesome sight by sticking on toy creepy crawlies


I love this handmade Halloween wreath, it’s super fun and not too spooky for the kids. I’ve added the insta account so you can take a closer look.


Do you have an old cage / crate? Maybe one that was used for a pet? Put a creepy doll inside with a few warning tapes wrapped around and you’ve got yourself an amazing halloween prop!


Painted styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners make excellent spiders. I’ve tagged the brilliant account where I found these.


A broom, milk bottle and trash bag make an excellent witch prop! I’ve tagged the account where I found the brilliant idea!


A frame, cheese wrap, dolls head and modge podge make this excellent creepy decoration. The account is tagged to take a closer look.


A plastic cup and plate glued together make a brilliant candy tray. Adding a cloth and other dollar store decor make it look like an expensive decoration.


I hope you’ve got some amazing ideas and inspo to make make your own Halloween decor and props. Check your local thrift store / charity shop for items that you could transform. Also the dollar store (pound shop) has a lot of items that could be used to make unique props.

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