How To Create A Fairy Garden With Ideas & Inspo

A fairy garden is the perfect project to do with the kids, it’s fun, magical and gets them interested in gardening.

A fairy garden is basically a miniature landscape with trinkets and treasures designed for fairies. They not only add decor to the garden but they give children something to nourish and use their imagination to create magical memories.

Creating a fairy garden

First you’ll need to choose a container with drainage holes. That could be a plant pot, wooden box, tin bucket or even a wheelbarrow.

If a child will be looking after the miniature garden then consider adding low maintenance plants, the smaller the plant the better it will look. You can also add things like bark, moss and pebbles to your fairy garden.

Once the base of the garden is complete let your child loose on the decoration. From places like the dollar store / pound shop you can buy things such as mini houses, fences, chairs etc. Also use things like glass beads to make a ‘pond’ or solar lights for a magical touch at night time.

Let your childs imagination run wild. Here are some amazing fairy garden ideas I found on Instagram. I’ve tagged the accounts so be sure to take a closer look.


I hope you’ve got some great ideas for creating your own fairy garden

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