Awesome Homework Station Ideas

Do you battle with your kids about homework? Do they put it off until the last minute or struggle to find the supplies they need costing them extra time and effort?

Why not set up a designated homework station. A space just for them where they can go to for some time to focus and have all their supplies to hand. It’s more than just a boring desk!

No more rushing around trying to find books, paper and pens. A homework station will have everything your child needs all in once place. An area to work on, access to craft items, work books and maybe even a computer.

Here are a list of items that you may want to consider adding

  • Shelves (take up less floor space by utilizing the walls)
  • Pegboard
  • Drawers
  • Containers for craft items
  • Artwork (inspirational quotes)
  • Pen / paper storage (easy access)
  • Lamp
  • Globe / world map
  • Fun decorative items

Make your childs homework station fun and appealing so they actually want to spend time there. Having a place for everything gives the child some independence as they wont be relying on you to find what they need. It also creates good life skills as they’ll be able to be more independent and organized.

These ideas are some of the best I found on Instagram. There are multiple set up ideas including ones for families with two or more children. Setting up an area with two or more chairs means they can complete their school work at the same time, that way you can create a dedicated ‘homework time’ for the whole family.

Don’t forget to pin your favourite images so you can come back for inspiration at a later date. I’ve also tagged the accounts so you can take a closer look at the amazing ideas.


I hope you’ve got some fantastic ideas and inspo from this post.

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