The Best Home Bar Ideas & Inspo For Any Budget

Staying in seems to be the new going out, especially during these times (lockdown 2020) so why not bring the bar home to you?

The thing is about creating a home bar is that it can be done on any budget! It’s all about the bar decor and how you style it. No matter how small the space is you can easily create a little area dedicated to your favourite drinks.

Here are some of the best home bar ideas I found on Instagram. I’ve tagged the accounts so be sure to take a closer look at their stunning designs.

Below are some ideas for when you’re working with a smaller space. Using shelving to store your bottles and accessorizing with glasses, plants and bar decor can really turn standard shelving into an incredible home bar.

Accessories are everything! You can take a standard kitchen counter top and turn it into a stunning bar by choosing the right things to go around it. I’ve found some amazing inspo below of how to style your home bar.


The right lighting can really make your bar look incredible! After all, you’ll usually be doing your entertaining at night so good lighting is key to providing that wow factor.


Choose bar stools to fit your style and decor. The example below shows an old wooden pallet being turn into a bar, the chairs and decor transform it into a luxury entertaining area.


The idea below shows how easy it is to create a bar anywhere in your home. This was an unused corner of a dining room. I’ve tagged the account so you can see before pictures.


Don’t have room for a bar in the kitchen? What about under the stairs? Think outside the box when it comes to choosing a space for your bar.


I hope from this post you’ve got some great ideas for home bar inspo. Good luck with your project.

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