Incredible Outdoor Bar Ideas & Inspo For Your Garden

Some of the most incredible outdoor bar ideas I found on Instagram.

If you love hosting parties or having date nights at home then a garden bar may be just the thing you need! From tiki bars to British pubs I’ve found some amazing ideas for any budget!

Bars made out of wooden pallets and crates are a cheaper option but still look fantastic. A lick of paint, lights, plants, bar accessories and of course alcohol will really bring your bar to life!


If your budget and garden size allows then a bar / outdoor kitchen makes a great entertaining area. Here are some fantastic ideas I found on Instagram.


What about a tiki style bar? How amazing are these ideas I found. A tiki bar will fit any budget and great for garden parties


Setting up an outdoor bar doesn’t have to be super expensive. A drink trolley, counter top or shelf with bar stools can easily be turned into a entertaining area.


Your outdoor bar doesn’t even have to be painted to look amazing, take a look at these natural wood designs


But if you did want to paint your bar then here are some fabulous ideas I found on Instagram. I’ve tagged the accounts so you can take a closer look at their amazing work.


A bar doesn’t have to be made from wood, check out these amazing designs below.


Lighting really brings that luxury feel. These modern bar ideas would definitely make you want to spend more time in the garden


I hope you’ve found plenty of ideas and inspo from this post!

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