Cinema Room Decor Ideas On Any Budget

Here I’ve put together some amazing cinema room ideas that I found on Instagram. What I love about these movie rooms is that they aren’t huge theaters in massive mansions. You can create a cinema style area in any size room as long as you have space for a large TV or projector and seating area.

If you have a spare room there’s no reason why you can’t turn it into your dream cinema room using some of these tips.

The room with the least natural light is a good choice when considering the best room for your cinema. Dark / grey walls work really well. I also love these upholstered wall panels featured below. They give the room a real luxury feel.


In terms of decor and accessories hanging some iconic movie posters is a great touch.


When choosing the seating area depending on the size of your cinema room, think whether you would prefer theater style seats or more of a sofa bed to lounge on.

I’ve linked some brilliant cinema room ideas below so be sure to check out the amazing insta accounts.


Lighting can really make a small cinema room look spectacular. I’ve found some stunning examples below.


I hope from this post you’ve gotten some great decor ideas for your very own home cinema room.

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