Organizing A Family Command Center

A family command center is a designated area in your home designed to keep the the family organized and everything running smoothly.

Usually command centres are set up in an area that is used the most, think entryway or kitchen.

A command centre or ‘organization station’ allows you to have everything set up for the day, save time looking for things you need, and increase your productivity.

A command centre is especially useful if you have children. Getting them organized for school will be a breeze when everything is already set up.

Here I’ve found some of the best command center ideas on Instagram. I’ve tagged the amazing and inspiring accounts so be sure to have a look!

To create your own command center keep reading to see these tips and hacks…

IKEA Storage Solutions

Use a Skadis board or Kallax unit to help organize the space. Use Skadis board accessories for paperwork & pens. The Kallax unit is also great for filling.


Create A Locker System

A ‘locker’ with space at the top for school supplies, a hook for a school bag and basket at the top for clothes.



If you haven’t got the space for a full on locker system then centre command station around a shelf. Create a space for mail, bags, keys and a calendar


A Place For Shoes

Space permitting don’t forgot a place for schoes to help your morning run extra smooth..


Design It To Fit Your Home Decor

A command center doesn’t have to be boring, you’re much more likely to enjoy using it if it fits your style. It makes planning the week ahead a much more pleasant task.


A Kitchen Command Wall

If you don’t have any free space in an entryway then why not create a ‘command wall’ in a kitchen or even the inside of a kitchen cupboard? Attach a calendar, memo board and a basket for pens and mail.


Add Baskets

Avoid the space looking cluttered by adding baskets. Make sure you return items to their rightful place by the end of that day, otherwise the area will quickly start to pile up.


Add A Clock

If you always seem to be in a rush then you may benefit from adding a clock as well as a calendar to your command center. Try and aim to be out of the door 15 minutes earlier than you think you need to be.


Designate An Area For Each Child

Learn your children a valuable life skill by letting them take control and organize their own station. Keep on top of the command center by updating it daily / weekly and keep it tidy.


Add A Calendar

Add a functional calendar that the whole family can use. Use visual tools to help younger kids know what’s going on and make it fun!

Adding a meal plan is also a great way of planning ahead and making sure you have what you need. Hang a grocery list that the whole family can use, everytime someone uses the last bit of an item get them into the habit of adding it to the list.

I hope you’ve got some brilliant tips, ideas and hacks from this blog post so you can create the best command center for your family!

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