Kitchen Organization Ideas & Hacks

One of the main reasons to organize your home is to reduce stress and one of the main living areas of a home is the kitchen! The convenience of having everything to hand and in the correct place makes tidying up a breeze.

A cluttered environment is harder to clean and can make for a cluttered mind. Once you start organizing your living space you’ll feel your mood change for the better. A study published in the Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin found that people who described their home as cluttered were more prone to depression and fatigue.

Here I’ve put together some of best kitchen organization hacks I found on Instagram. I’ve combined ideas for every part of the kitchen to hopefully transform it into an organized haven that you’ll love spending time in.

Plates & Cutlery

Make extra space by using a shelf attachment like the one pictured. Or why not put dining plates in a drawer if cupboard space isn’t available.


Cupboard Space

Make the most of cupboard space including the ends and doors! Add hooks / racks to the doors to enable you to utilize the space. Try adding blackboard paint or a whiteboard sheet to the inside of the cupboard so you can stay organized with a meal planner or to do list.


Tea & Coffee Organization

One of the first things that most people do in a morning is reach for the tea or coffee. Why not make a tea / coffee station so everything is to hand for those early morning wake ups. I’ve linked some brilliant ideas for tea & coffee organization below.


Wall Space

Take advantage of any wall space available. The ideas below are not only space saving ideas but look awesome too.


Cupboard And Pantry

Organizing a kitchen cabinet can be a daunting task! But the best way to start is by removing EVERYTHING from your cupboards to see what is actually lurking at the back! Be ruthless when thinking if you really need what you find.

Group items together for easy access. For example, keep all the baking supplies together and next to the stove. Use baskets, containers and jars to separate all your grouped items.



Knowing exactly what you have in your refrigerator makes meal planning a much simpler task. Putting food into labelled containers is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing.


Cereal Storage

I love these ideas of using a cereal dispenser or cookie jars for cereal. Neat, practical and looks amazing.


Under The Sink

Don’t neglect the sink area! Having all your cleaning products neatly organized means your much more likely to use them. A clean and tidy home can do so much for mental health.



And lastly why not make your organization into a bit of a feature. I love this Khloe K inspired cookie jar.


I truly hope that from this post you’ve gained a lot of new ideas and inspo on how to organize your kitchen and make it a space that you love!

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