Dressing Table Ideas & Inspo

If you’re looking for dressing table / vanity desk design inspiration then you’re in the right place.

A dressing table should not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing, after all it will probably play a bit part in your morning routine.

Natural light is always best so if possible always position your dresser near a window. If this isn’t possible try adding daylight bulbs in table lamp or around the mirror.

Your dresser should fit in perfectly with the existing decor. It’s likely to be the focal point of the room.


A stool instead of a chair not only looks beautiful but is a great space saving idea. Most stools will fit under the dresser freeing up a bit of extra space. You could even go for one that doubles up as a storage solution.


Get creative and go for something you truly love and matches your personality. Starting your day in a space you created and love will give you that morning boost.


Make a statement with extra large mirrors or accessories. This gives that grand luxurious feel.


Get that fresh feeling by adding in some nature with wooden decor and plants.


Add decor, think lamps, shelving, artwork, flowers, basically anything that makes you happy.


If you don’t have the space for a large vanity then why not add shelves above a small desk to save space.


By keeping things simple and having makeup, jewelry and other accessories hidden, your dresser is less likely to look cluttered. If you want to display your makeup the best way to do it is with trays and drawers to keep it organized.


I hope from this post you’ve got some amazing ideas and inspo to create the perfect dressing table.

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