Corner Space Ideas & Inspo

We all have a corner in our home that has no purpose and doesn’t get much attention. Why not try and utilize that space into a little area that you love?

In this post I’ve put together some of the best small corner ideas that I found on Instagram. It will hopefully help you utilize every corner in your home.

Create a work space with a corner desk, or maybe a side table to display home accessories or make a cosy corner with an arm chair and book stand.

Whatever you decide to do with your unused corner I’ve put together some inspo that might help you come up with the perfect solution.

Small Side Table

Use a small side table in an unused corner to add an eyecatching feature to your home. Even the smallest of corners can make a huge difference with that bit of extra attention to detail. I’ve put some ideas together below.

photo credit @herrhome
photo credit here
Photo @missgreyshome

A Corner Chair

If you’ve decided to add a chair to the corner, a lone chair can sometimes look out of place (unless it fits perfectly in the corner, see the inspo below) Why not add some extra features to create a space that will actually get used. A foot stool? shelving? artwork? Use the area to make a focal point in the room. See inspo below

photo credit @interiors_by_danielle
photo credit
photo credit @sofasandstuff
photo credit @at.home.with.dawn
photo credit @reginasturrock
photo credit @casadajobarbosa
Photo credit @cozycomfortzone

A Corner Bar Cart

Why not set up a bar in your unused corner space. Form a place in your home that stands out and gives the wow factor

photo credit @homesweethorton

A Corner Desk

If you don’t like the idea of using a whole room as a home office, do you have a corner that could be used instead? I love the corner desk ideas I found below.

photo credit @thelatashajames
photo credit @ambergolobint

Breakfast Bar

Do you have a vacant corner in your kitchen? What about turning it into a breakfast bar like the idea below?

photo credit @ourcottageonthelane

A Plant

Even a simple idea of adding a plant and stand can really draw the eye to that area and add detail to the room.

photo credit @nic0leulla0a

I hope from this post you’ve got some great ideas & inspo of how best to use the small corner in your home.

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