Some Of The Best Journals & Planners For Positive Thinking, Mental Health & Wellbeing.

These journals and planners not only allow you to keep your life in order / organize appointments / to do lists etc. But they also encourage you to record your ideas and thoughts and allow for reflection and clarity.

These types of journals promote mindfulness and allow you to capture those brilliant thoughts as soon as they occur. They enable you to break down large goals into small manageable tasks.

Use to monitor your feelings and increase your happiness. Some are focused on mental health while others are focused on physical health and encourage you to keep a food / habit tracker.

Studies show that writing down your thoughts and feelings can relieve stress and anxiety. Writing them down and seeing them in back and white (or rainbow colors if that’s what you’d prefer) helps you to understand them and gain some clarity.

It’s especially helpful to record your thoughts in your planner or journal at night time, this is sometimes known as a ‘brain dump’

Writing down your feelings / tasks before bed helps to clear a space in your mind and allows your brain to switch off ready for sleep. This has been known to help insomnia and can be life changing!

Here are my favourite planners and journals for heath and wellbeing. I am not affiliated with any of these products, I just like the look of them and wanted to share them with you so here they are…

Stress Less Journal

The Stress Less Journal is to help you stay calm in stressful situations. With 7 chapters of cognitive exercises, daily habit and mood trackers, advice and journal pages, you can learn:

  • How to understand your mind to conquer your thoughts 
  • How to edit your routine to lessen stress
  • Your anxiety triggers and how to avoid them 
  • How to ground yourself during times of stress 
  • The psychological tricks you can use to feel calmer
The Stress Less Journal
The Stress Less Journal

The Positive Planner

The Positive Planner

The ladies behind the positive planner say “We want to empower as many people as possible to make their mental health and general wellbeing a priority!

We do this by creating exciting, inspirational, and informative planners, journals, artworks and workshops, all especially designed to support emotional wellbeing, promote daily positivity, encourage self-care and practice gratitude.

Our intention is that our products bring support and joy in to the every day.

We both know from our personal experiences of burnout and bad mental and physical wellbeing that It can feel impossible to help yourself and hard to find the words to ask for support.

We are so proud of our products and the strong ethos behind them. All of our range is suitable for absolutely anyone to encourage more positivity and maintain a good emotional wellbeing. In times of overwhelm and emotional crisis our products can also provide a fantastic support”

The Positive Planner

The Empowerment Planner

This Empowerment Planner from is packed with pages to help you live a happier more fulfilled life. It includes a thought journal, worksheets, daily affirmations and components that aid resilience and self determination. A must for anyone that wants to begin to work on being the best version of themselves.

Mind Journal

Mind Journal is built for beginners and is aimed at a Male audience. It uses a system of guided exercises and a ‘check in’ tool. It aims to give you the support and structure to build a journaling habit that will transform your life.

The Daily Greatness Diary & Planner

The daily greatness dairy & planner aims to help you form great habits through the 8 daily steps of meditation, intentions, dream journaling, gratitude, self awareness questions, exercise and inspiration. The weekly and quarterly check ins help to keep you motivated.

It’s combined into a yearly diary, goal and appointment planner and lays the foundations for finding and following your purpose.

The Happiness Planner

The Happiness Planner is a beautiful planner designed to help you not only plan and manage your schedule but also live a truly happy life by creating a life in alignment with who you are and embracing the power of positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude and self development.

The Happiness Planner
The Happiness Planner

The Trigg Life Mapper

Photo credit @thefinerpoint Instagram

The Trigg Life Mapper guides you towards your most valued goals. It is an award winning advanced page-a-day diary that effectively helps you identify then tackle the intentions that will transform your life for the better.

It fuses the principles of planning, productivity, habit, mindfulness and gratitude to provide a daily, weekly and annual framework that will ensure you work less, get more done and constantly strive towards meaningful targets.

Dream Life Journal

photo credit @learningwithpurpos Dream Life Journal from Kikki-k

This journal is designed to be used as your essential workbook and companion to Kristina Karlsson’s book, Your Dream Life Starts Here. Each responds to a chapter in the book, including the exercises Kristina has put together to help inspire and empower you to turn your dream life into reality. These are exercises Kristina has used and continues to use in her own life.

The Dream Life Journal

Passion Planner

Passion Planner is the one place for all your thoughts. It’s more than just a planner—it’s a tool that helps you break down your short and long-term goals and incorporate them into your daily life. It has been designed to encourage you to plan for the future, reflect on the past, but most importantly, act on the present. Think of it as a paper life coach — ready 24/7 to challenge you to focus on what is most important, accept your thoughts and ideas without judgment, and prompt you to reflect on your everyday life. We hope that it becomes a place where you can declutter your mind, allowing you to focus on the present moment.

Passion Planner – photo credit @candaceskaggs

I hope you’ve gained some inspiration and are now able to choose the right planner to fit your needs and lifestyle

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