12 Amazing Dinosaur Inspired Bedrooms For Kids

Here Ive put together the most amazing dinsour themed bedroom ideas for children.

From toddler bedroom ideas to older kids you’ll be sure to find some inspiration from this post. From simple DIY ideas to more extravagant ones theres an array of ideas for any budget.

I’ve tagged the Instagram account where I found these incredible ideas so please be sure to take a closer look

Transform a cabin bed into a monochrome dinosaur masterpiece.
Fantastic inspo found here
This extravagant cage bed is every dinosaur lovers’ dream. The stairs double up as storage and the seating area underneath doubles up as an extra bed.
The amazing idea was found here
Dino bookcase, soft toys, footprints, and a leaf canopy quickly transform this bedroom into a gorgeous dinosaur dream
The awesome idea was found here
I love this color coordinated dinosaur display Ikea hack
Stunning idea found here
Adding some dinosaur footprints to a plain wall can make a huge difference to the room
I found this eye-catching idea here
This striking room is made to look even better with a dinosaur decal on the wall.
This imaginative inspo was found here
The paintwork, plants, and pop of orange make this room really stand out.
Amazing ideas was found here
The wallpaper, vines, and lights give this bedroom a real jungle vibe. The wall-mounted T-rex gives it the wow factor
Stunning idea found here
Simple dinosaur prints along with plants and vines can really transform a plain bedroom into a dinosaur haven.
Beautiful inspo found here
This dinosaur feature wall is so incredibly realistic and gives the illusion that the room is much larger.
Awesome idea found here
A simple but stunning dinosaur bedroom. All the dinosaur details really tie everything together. It’s a room that can easily be changed if the child was to all of a sudden decide they aren’t that into dinosaurs after all!
Incredible ideas were found here

This black T-rex decal on the dark grey wall works so well. A simple idea that looks very impressive.

I found this fantastic idea here

I hope you have managed to find some great ideas and inspo for a child’s dinosaur themed bedroom.

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