The Best Food Sharing Platters I Found On Instagram

Here I’ve put together a collection of some of the most delicious looking sharing platter ideas I found on Instagram.

Food platters are great for any special occasions and make beautiful table centrepieces that guests can nibble from.

You’ll need a large plate or serving tray, bowls and a bit of imagination to create a stunning platter to really wow your guests.

Here are some of the best ideas I found, please be sure to check out the instagram accounts that I tagged for more inspo.

This looks like such a good ‘pick me up’ platter. The heart bowls are a gorgeous touch.

Stunning inspo found here
Waffles, pancakes, fruit & candy, a perfect combination!
I found this delicious looking inspo here
Mix chocolate with red & white fruit and candies to create this gorgeous love heart sharing platter. I especially love the XOXO using babybells.
I found this stunning idea here
This beautiful fruit tray has an array of eye catching colours. Try cutting patterns in some of the fruit to give it that wow factor.

Inspo found here
Create this neutral coloured graze platter by folding cured meats and adding crackers, nuts, veggies and pots of chutney.

Amazing idea found here
Create a stunning desert tray by separating mini pavlovas, chocolate, marshmallows and dipping sauces into bowls. Fill the rest of the tray with cookies and berries.

Beautiful inspo found here
Create a sweet and savoury healthy food platter. The edible flowers make it all the more impressive.

This idea was found here
Create an eye catching rainbow colored sweet platter of fruit and donuts. Add as many colors on the platter as possible to give that wow factor!

Impressive inspo was found here
This fast food inspired serving platter looks way too good to share!
I found this mouth watering idea here
One of my favorite sharing boards is this breakfast platter. Complete with scrambled egg, bacon, pastries, pancakes and maples syrup
Amazing idea found here
Create a dipping share platter with chips, veggies and hummus. Try stacking the crackers different ways to make a pattern.

Eye catching idea found here

I hope you got a lot of ideas to create a stunning share platter from this blog post.

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