The Best Montessori Inspired Playroom Ideas I Found On Instagram

The Montessori method is education that is mainly based on hands-on learning and collaborative play.

Children are given opportunities to make choices about their activities which encourages independence.

I have put together some of the best Montessori inspired playroom set ups that I found via Instagram. I’ve linked the amazing accounts where I found them so you’re able to take a closer look.

This type of furniture and decor makes implementing the Montessori method much easier. Children have easy access to toys and activities which promotes independence.

Ikea cube used for toys and books that children are able to help themselves to (while also keeping the messy craft items out of reach)

I found this lovely set up here
The IKEA Flisat which can also double up as a sensory table.

I found this gorgeous inspo here
A beautiful little reading corner where children can help themselves to the books

I found this amazing idea here
Ikea shelving unit complete with open ended wooden toys.

I found this stunning set up here
Another beautiful Montessori inspired set up

I found this gorgeous inspo here
I love this hack for the IKEA Trofast.

Take a closer look here
The earthy tones in this playroom are beautiful.

I found this Montessori inspired set up here
This simple and stylish toy room is absolutely beautiful
Take a closer look here

I hope you’ve gained plenty of ideas and inspo to start your Montessori journey.

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