Laundry Room Ideas & Hacks

Here are some of the best laundry room hacks I found on Instagram. From small laundry room spaces to hacks that will help you organize and save time. Doing laundry can be boring but your space doesn’t have to be!

I’ve tagged the Instagram accounts where I found the amazing ideas so be sure to take a closer look if you’re inspired.

I love this idea for separating darks, colors and whites. So easy to see how much laundry you have too. I found this idea here.
Label the laundry baskets so you have an easy view of which one is which. These not only look stylish but are practical also. I found this cool idea here
Putting an extendable drying rack on the wall is a great space saving hack. I found this inspo here
Folding laundry may be boring but the room doesn’t have to be! Brighten up any laundry room with bold patterns, plants and accessories. I love this monochrome look I found here
Make the most of a small laundry space with wall storage and organized cleaning products. I found this gorgeous inspo here
I think this is a brilliant laundry hack to save time. Instead of hanging out children’s socks just push them through the holes of a laundry basket and leave out to dry! I found this idea here
I love this space saving idea of using a tray for all the lost socks! I found this idea here
Make your laundry room look less cluttered by decanting products into clear containers. They not only look great but you’ll also be able to see just how much you have left. I found this here
One of my favorite laundry room hacks is decanting fabric softener into a drinks dispenser. I found this amazing hack here
Similar to the first hack but this could also be done with the Ikea kallax cube. It keeps everything organized while still being easily accessible. I found the inspo here

I hope you got some ideas & inspo from this page

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