Indoor Play Ideas That Require Very Little Prep

Use figures, numbers (or dice) and play dough to create a simple maths game. I found this idea here
Lego bath! I found this idea here on Busy Toddler. They say “Next time your morning isn’t going great, try a Lego bath. I can almost guarantee it will turn your whole day around” Check out their blog for more fab inspo!
Playing with nature is free and requires hardly any prep! I absolutely love this idea I found here
All you need for this is a large box, some play food and a bit of imagination. I found this inspo here
As long as you have play doh, suitable knife and written instructions you can create this. Make, cut and scoop. I found this brilliant idea here
Playing with ice is such a great sensory activity. I found this inspo here
I know this is not exactly no prep unless you have a keyboard and other stuff laying about the house. But how fab is this space ship idea I found here
I love this gardening tray. All you need is garden trimmings and scissors. I found this fab idea here

Have fun!!

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