Sensory Play Tray Ideas For The Ikea Flisat Table

I’ve searched Instagram to find you the very best Ikea Flisat sensory table play ideas. From small world to messy play you’ll be sure to find some ideas and inspo for your little ones here.

A quote from ‘Early Years Careers’ “Imaginative skills are supported allowing the child to express thoughts and experiences into their play, whilst exploring the world in which they live. Small world also offers the opportunity for children to build on their language skills, expanding their vocabulary and their understanding”

Treasure hunt themed table complete with sand, beads, themed toys and treasure map. I found this idea here on this Instagram account.
Let them explore different small world animal environments. I found this amazing inspo here
Get the children washing up! Water, soap sponges & plates is all that’s needed to create this set up. I found the inspo here
Play dough, sticks and dry pasta. Get your munchkin working on those fine motor skills. I found this idea here
I love this Flisat hack. Stick some Lego mats onto the boards that come with the Flisat and you’ve got yourself a lego table. I found this Inspo here
Get your children learning about different food groups with this amazing idea I found here
This small world pond is absolutely amazing. I found the idea here
I love this idea. Add tools, toy construction vehicles and something the children can break up like cereal, biscuits or pretzels. I found this idea here
Create a beautiful forest set up using grass, stones, sawdust / oatmeal and pinecones. Add toy forest animals and let their imaginations run wild. I found this fab idea here here

I hope you’ve found some Ideas & Inspo from this post. Don’t forget to pin the ideas you want to re-create.

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