20 surprising ways to use the IKEA Kallax unit

Here’s the most amazing IKEA kallax hacks and inspo that I found on Instagram. From a bar, a bench or dollhouse you’ll be sure to find some Ikea furniture inspiration here…

Turn your kallax into a funky cat house!
I love this amazing hack. I found it here
Using the Ikea as a TV stand. I found this gorgeous set up here
Love the idea of using the kallax cube in a beauty room. Plenty of storage for pamper products. I found this idea here
Using inserts to turn the storage cube into a wine rack. See more here
Using a larger kallax as a display side unit. I love the earthy tones going on.
I found this here
I love this childrens hospital roleplay area. I found this amazing idea here
A stunning craft room set up. Using shelf dividers make extra room for more supplies. I found this idea here
Using a play mat to turn the smaller unit into a play station. Another of my favourite IKEA hacks. I found this idea here
Using a single cube as a bedside table.
I found this idea here
The storage unit also doubles up as a bench.
I found this hack here
Piña colada anyone!? How amazing is this home bar. I found this idea on the stunning instagram account here
If you’re lucky enough to own this many handbags or shoes why not use a kallax to display them?
I found this stunning set up here
Wow. I would never think to use different coloured cupboard drawers. If you aren’t brave enough for this I think it would also look great in a kids room. I found this quirky idea here
Using the kallax cube as a book shelf.
See more of this stunning room here
No wall? no problem! Use the large kallax as room divider.

This is amazing! Turning the kallax cube into a play kitchen, genius. See more on this Instagram account here
This is so cute! I absolutely love this hack. I would never have thought to use the cube as a baby wardrobe. Check out this fab Instagram account here
Wall mounted kallax used in a laundry room. They’ve really brought the outdoors in, it’s fantastic! See more here
So many uses for children. I found this brilliant dolls house hack here
If a bar isn’t your thing, maybe a coffee station is. I found this amazing Ikea hack here

Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration for your Ikea furniture!

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