Turning Your Home Into A Spa

Turn your home into a relaxing stress free environment to help promote wellbeing and positive energy. Here’s some of my favourite tips for creating a home spa.

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Add plants in the bathroom. Studies show that plants in the home reduce stress, boost mood and clean the air.

Photo credit goes to this gorgeous Instagram account here please check it out for more home inspo.
Add a spa basket to your bathroom containing some of your favourite self care spa products.

Check out this blog for more hampers
The natural soothing sound of running water promotes relaxation and creates a tranquil atmosphere. I found this indoor water fountain here
Alternatively if you have an Alexa ask it to ‘play the sound of running water’ ‘play spa music’ or play ‘zen sounds’
YouTube also has a lot of relaxing music and white noise including rainforest sounds which I love!
A bath board will allow you to include a book, drink, candles and plants to your bath making it even more relaxing
‘Self care Sunday’ just got better!
Get yours here
Set the mood with the warm glow of a Himalayan salt lamp (get this one here)

Some claim salt lamps clean the air in your home, soothe allergies, boost your mood and help you sleep.
Create that distinctive spa scent.
Diffusers are used to create a calming atmosphere, reduce anxiety and improve mood. You can get this exact one here

Fresh Skin is currently my go to for purchasing 100% pure essential oils. I mix lavender and eucalyptus in my diffuser to create that distinctive spa aroma.

Essential oils don’t only smell amazing they have a lot of health benefits too.
Outdoor bathing allows you to take in the fresh air, natural surroundings, sunlight & moonlight which has many health benefits. I found this amazing home spa here which allows you to do this in the comfort of your own home
If you don’t like the idea of real candles in the bathroom what about these waterproof LED lights to create a similar effect? Find them here
What’s a spa without a white waffle robe. Gets yours here

Have fun creating your own spa!

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