The Most Unique Unicorn Cakes I Found On Instagram

I’ve seen quite a few ‘samey’ unicorn cakes so thought I would try and find a few that are a little different. Heres the unicorn birthday cake inspo I found on Instagram. I’ve tagged the amazing accounts if you want to see more
Unicorn macarons! So cute! I found this cake here
Move over Colin Caterpillar, this unicorn by is a rainbow delight
I found this gorgeous rainbow unicorn cake here
I found this stunning cake here
I haven’t seen one like this before
I love how different this one is. I found it Here
Theres a lot going on here but I think it definitely works!
I found it Here
Here is where I found this gorgeous cake. The detail is just amazing and I love the pastels
Here is where I found this unique cake. Look at the same of that heart, I wouldn’t want to cut into it
Here is where I found this simple but stunning unicorn cake. I love the ripple effect on the cake itself

I hope you got some unicorn birthday cake inspo from this post!

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