Making Money From Instagram

If you’d love to have a go at blogging but don’t know where to begin why not start with an Instagram blog? It’s free and simple and you can separate it from any personal Instagram accounts by creating a seperate account for whatever topic you choose.

People make money in the following ways –

  • Getting paid to sponsor products
  • Earning sales commission on products you recommend through affiliated links
  • creating and selling digital products

The key to a successful Instagram account is followers that engage with your content. Anybody can buy Instagram followers but without any engagement on your posts (likes / comments) they are worthless.

According to you need approximately 5000 followers before you can start approaching brands to sponsor you. The more followers – the more money you can make.

1. Create a page based on a topic that you’re passionate about, that way you’re unlikely to get bored and you’ll never run out of content. There’s no point starting a cleaning page if you can’t stand cleaning!

2. Make sure your page is set to public, most people will want to see your content before deciding if they want to follow you.

3. Engage with other accounts. Follow, comment and like.

4. Join facebook groups in your niche, if you search for ‘instagram’ in the facebook group section you’ll be able to join groups that help you to gain followers.

5. Follow hashtags in your niche and engage with their posts.

Here’s some success stories that started without an actual website / YouTube channel or anything other than just an instagram page

@inspiralized makes a living from Instagram which she started by posting healthy meals. Ali Maffuci who runs the account says that the platform enabled her to quit her job. She earns money through affliated links and recommending products she believes in. Source

@marniethedog Has nearly 2 million followers on Instagram! Shirley Braha is the person behind the account who posts pictures of her dog Marnie. Shirley says she makes more money now than her previous two jobs just from Instagram.

@thefatjewish Has 7.5 million followers from posting funny memes

@purposeofenvy gained over 1 million followers from posting stunning photographs on their page

@Mrshinchhome started her instagram account back in March 2018. She separated it from her personal account as she didn’t want to bore her family and friends with pictures of home decor. Her account which now has over 2 million followers has gained her tv appearances and book deals.

…and that’s just a handful of examples!

Here’s a little plan to get you started…

Good luck and send me your Insta name so I can give you a follow 🙂

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