Candles / Wax Melt / Soap Making Supplier List

I’ve been asked about this quite a few times so I thought I’d put together a list of suppliers I used. Brace yourselves, there’s a lot of links! I’ll add more as I think of them

Getting Started To get started making wax melts I’d recommend looking at this page by Scenty Mental. The page gives very simple and clear instructions, perfect for beginners. For soap making guides including bath bombs etc I’d recommend this page on The Soap Kitchen

All info regarding going self employed can be found on

For information how to label your products and the rules & regulations around that I’d recommend this page by Soap Kitchen. There is also more info here (don’t let all the rules put you off, they’re there to protect you and your customers)

Suppliers For wax I used the EcoSoya Pillar Blend by 4CandlesUk and purchased in bulk

Fragrances I used ones from Fresh Skin, Scent Perfique and bought in bulk from the US website Just Scent. See my blog post for tips on fragrances and naming your products

Colour I started with coloured wax chips then found colour pigments to go a lot further. I can’t remember what brand I used but they were similar to these

Packaging This is dependant on your products and brand but I would definitely try your best to go down the eco friendly route. I used to use individual plastic bags and rewarded customers for returning them to me to be recycled but I wouldn’t advise to go down that route. If you want individually wrapped products then depending on your budget either go with paper bags or see though compostable bags

I used to add a bit of coloured confetti to my packages which customers used to love! I made my own using this shredder (make sure it’s this type of micro shredder)

Put your logo on EVERYTHING I used Discount Sticker Printing and purchased in bulk

I’ll update this page with more links as I think of them.

Any questions please feel free to message.


  • Great post. Did you find import fees high when ordering from the US? That’s the only thing that puts me off

    • Even with the fees I found it cheaper to buy in bulk from the US. The prices of the oils can differ quite a bit from Just Scent. My best selling ones at this time of year were from the US, popcorn, candy corn etc 😊 I’ll try and find some info on fees, theres a way to work it out

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