Start a blog about anything!

There’s no such thing as a boring blog if you’re passionate about what you write about!

Don’t be put off starting a blog just because you think nobody will be interested in what you have to say, there will always be people that are interested. Always!

Plus you don’t need a website to be a successful blogger, you could use a facebook or instagram account as a blogging platform.

If this person / account (tuna melts my heart) can get 2.1 million followers posting funny pictures of their dog there’s hope for anyone! (He’s a very cute dog to be fair)

Tuna Melts My Heart

Take Mrs Hinch for another example, she started taking pictures / videos of herself cleaning, CLEANING!! For a lot of people cleaning is a mundane chore yet due to her passion she’s currently got 2.7 million followers and earning a living from her Instagram account.

Mrs Hinch Instagram

Maybe you’d love to start a ‘mummy blog’ but worried you haven’t got the ‘perfect’ home or the most well behaved children and have nothing to blog about. If you’ve got kids then trust me you’ll always have something to blog about!! 🙂 I personally LOVE honest parenting blogs, just look at Unmumsy Mum, Part Time Working Mummy and Hurrah For Gin. All successful blogs documenting their parenting journey, they’ve even released their own books! Amazing.

The Unmumsy Mum

Look at these Instagram blogs I’ve found for inspiration, there’s blogs about everything and anything and always room for more!

Moving home? Renovating? What about documenting your journey like Renovation_44 , The Little Terrace House and Shoestring Renovation

Bargain hunter? Why not start a blog to help others save money like Money Saving Mummy and Bargain Homewares

What about a career type blog like That Nurse Life Blog

Or maybe you’re on the dating scene and fancy yourself as the next Carrie Bradshaw!

Like I said before, there is always something to blog about and there will always be people that are interested, they’ve just got to find you!

Heres a list of some more blog ideas

  • A lifestyle blog, fitness, weight loss journey, vegan food
  • Travel blog, days out with children, free days out / activities
  • Career / business journey
  • Mental health diary
  • Life of a ….teacher, nurse, stay at home mum, party animal! etc.


  • So true. I’ve slacked the past couple of years, but with baby number 2 here, I’ve got some crap to Waffle on about 😂

    • Haha! Brilliant. And there will be plenty of others with the same crap that’ll love reading about your crap 😂

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