Wax Melt & Soap Fragrance Ideas & Names

I absolutely loved coming up with names for my wax melts! One thing I never did (which I believed helped sell my products) was name them after the actual fragrance. I feel like there’s a lot of melts named after the fragrance and it doesn’t set them apart from the rest.

For example, I made a lavender & honey scented melt and instead of naming it ‘Lavender & Honey’ I named it ‘Beauty Sleep’ I always linked the name to either the scent or the look of the melt. This took a bit more of my time but it was so worth it and set me apart.

The ones with the cheeky names sold really well! For example a unicorn horn melt named ‘So Horny’ and a mermaid melt named ‘Skinny Dippin’ I just think they really stood out and people would buy them despite what the actual fragrance was. Which is completely crazy as the whole point of a wax melt is the fragrance! But I wasn’t complaining.

Consider releasing a themed collection. For example ‘The Candy Land Collection’ There’s some amazing sweet scents on Fresh Skin. Think about the names of the melts, their ‘Strawberry Bon Bon’ fragrance I would personally name ‘Shake Ya Bon Bon’ but that’s just me! haha. Names like that made people remember my melts!

If you’re in the position then definitely look into buying from the US. I used to buy in bulk and it made the cost per melt the same as buying from the UK. When I say in bulk I don’t mean HUGE amounts, maybe around £200 worth at a time. The best seller from the US was this popcorn scent, you can find it here.

When testing your fragrances think about what it reminds you of. I purchased a scent that was listed as ‘Lemon’ but when I tested it it reminded me of being abroad sipping on Fanta lemon. I sold it as that fragrance and people went crazy for it! They were amazed at how it also reminded them of the same thing. I don’t think it would have sold as well if I had listed it as just ‘Lemon’

Here’s some more examples of names of fragrances vs names of melts. Which do you think would entice your customers to buy? or at least intrigue them to look at your products

‘Popcorn’ vs ‘Movie Night’

‘Lavender’ vs ‘Beauty Sleep’

‘Mango’ vs ‘Takes Two To Mango’

‘Mixed Fruit’ vs ‘Feeling Fruity’

You get the idea 🙂 describe the scent on your website without giving too much away in the name, it makes people want to find out more! It worked for me anyway.

Have fun!

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