Are your photos selling your products?

Often on social media I see people trying to promote their products and use photos that don’t do whatever it is they’re promoting justice. I’ve got a few tips on what I did that I believe really helped to sell my products and grow my social media followers. I used a standard Samsung phone, a couple of ‘props’ and an app. That’s it. Notice the difference between the pictures for minimal effort! You don’t need fancy equipment, anyone can do it.

Take this picture, it’s not really focused on the product, carpet is used as the background (I’ve seen pictures like this often. It doesn’t look at all professional and enticing. And pictures like these don’t make a great Instagram feed
Now compare to this one. I took this picture at the same time of day, using the same phone. The only difference is I used a coloured card background (I’ve linked the cheapest I could find on eBay) You can also buy these from places like The Range. I also used some sprinkles for that extra pop of colour.
All I did was place the sprinkles on the background. Put the cupcake on top then took a ‘birds eye view’ picture. I then made the colour stand out using the Color Story app. I like to use filters from the ‘Candy Minimal’ and the ‘Pop’ packs. It really makes the colours stand out.
You could also place two of the papers together to create something like the picture below.
I sometimes like to use the Snapseed app to pick out the colours I want to stand out the most. Use ‘Tools’ then ‘Selective’ and have a play around.
For this one all I did was place the cupcake on the card and bend the card behind the cupcake, it was propped up by a plant pot… professional! I used a filer in the Candy Minimal pack
Experiment using different coloured backgrounds to see which one makes the product stand out the most.
For this picture I used a fake brick background for around £1.40!
These faux fur samples make great backgrounds!
A flat lay of the same items on the background card linked above always looks effective in my opinion. Especially using the color story app to make the colours pop!
Another example of items laid on faux fur
This one was taken using wrapping paper as the background
I used a coloured card background that I linked above and edited with The Color Story app. Simple as that!

Have a play around with different backgrounds, different angles, props and The Color Story / Snapseed app. Always try and take your pictures when there’s plenty of light but not in direct sunlight, you may find this creates too many shadows.

Good luck and have fun!

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