Making themed silicone moulds for wax melts, fondant, soap etc

This is a follow on to my ‘How to make silicone moulds‘ blog post.

One thing I learnt from making wax melts is that themed products sell!

Here I’m going to list some of the items (or the nearest items I can find) that I used to make my best selling themed melts. These would also work for soaps, bath melts etc. You can modify them to make them your own. Get creative and have fun!

*I will always try and find the cheapest / best quality items. If you see something cheaper please let me know. I use affiliated eBay links to products which is no extra cost to you*

As soon as the 1st of Oct comes around it’s like everyone goes crazy for Halloween themed stuff! This collection was one of our (when I say our I mean I have a family member helping me) best sellers. We were not a large company as many thought, ANYONE can make these, you just need to right items!

Consider using the same mould designs for different collections. For example the lips design was part of our Valentines collection, but by making a green melt and naming it ‘Zombie Kisses’ it fits in nice with the Halloween theme.

Cute’ charm
Candy corn stamp

The skull is linked in original silicone mould post along with sweets and the letter stamps

This was our ‘Scary Movie’ themed box. It sold out so fast! I made around 300 and within an hour they were gone!

Scream – not the exact ones I used but these would look great
Pennywise (I had the cookie cutter custom made)
Jason mask
Skeleton hands
Fangs not the same ones I used but would still work great.

I tried to link the scents to the themed melt, I think this definitely helped to sell them. For example Pennywise was popcorn fragrance and the zombie was baked ‘rotten’ apple. It all adds to the fun for the customer.

I’ll do a post on scents and names soon.
This Disney inspired collection was amazing (if I do say so myself) I used mica powder for the shimmer and it really made the designs stand out!

Some of these designs can be used for other themes too, for example the rose we used for a Beauty & The Beast theme but also used for Valentine’s day.

The leaf design was used as a Pocahontas melt but also for Autumn (not the exact one I used but just as nice and looks great with mica powder dusted on top)

The apple was snow white but also used for a toffee apple scent for Autumn and as part of collection for teacher gifts

Genie lamp
Castle Mould
Balloon mould I used this with the word ADVENTURE for an ‘Up’ themed melt
Princess charm head
Princess charm full body
Now onto the best selling of all! Christmas themed! These starting selling out fast from the beginning of November…crazy!

Kermit I made him a little clay santa hat before making the mould. I called the melt ‘The Merry Muppet’ it sold out so quick!

I can’t find the actual items I used to make some of the moulds including the cookies and milk mould but i’ll keep looking!

In the meantime these would work really well to make Christmas moulds

Grinch charms
Christmas buttons
Santa mould
Christmas jumper
I wanted to include this one as it started selling from the minute I released it.
All you need to make this mould is this knitted mould (this is the cheapest one I found at £1.58) and letter stamps (£1.18)

See my previous post on where to buy silicone.

Good luck and have fun!

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